Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Penalty Clock

I was penalized today by a clock that was just ticking away too fast.

Today I took David to his first day of Kindergarten. It is a 30 minute drive to school IF I am going the speed limit. Today I was not. I left 10 minutes later than I wanted to leave and barely squeaked into "drop off" at 9:35, which is the very last minute you are supposed to get there. Because of the rush, the teacher scooted him out the door quickly and shuffled him down the sidewalk to his class.

I was yelling out the window, "Bye David! I LOVE YOU! Have a great day, honey!"

My penalty: I didn't get a look back, a wave, a nod, or ANYTHING!


It's my fault for being late. If I had only left at 9 like I was supposed to, I could have gotten to school at the perfect 9:30 drop off time...and without speeding! I should not have answered that phone call this morning. I should have packed the girls' clothes that I needed to bring with, last night. I should have told Harris Anne to put her piano books in her backpack instead of gathering them myself this morning. I should have packed my own clothes for the day (I had originally hoped to go walking at the park this morning and would need a change of clothes. Instead, that phone call I answered this morning required me to come by Mom's house instead to place an order that couldn't wait until this afternoon.)

So, I'm minutes away from rushing out the door again, getting lunch for the girls, eating it super-fast with them in the parking lot, rushing H.A. back inside for her piano lesson while I rush back to David's school to pick him up at 1:15. Then rush back to get H.A. from piano. Then, after all that rushing, I will have 3 hours to kill before going to church. Hopefully the girls will be able to complete ALL of their homework in that time. Surely they can.

So it is with a commuting family of 3 school-aged children and 1 WAHM with toddler in tow.

Time to wipe away the tears and put sweat beads in their place. This day isn't even halfway over yet!

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