Monday, September 12, 2005

Nothing To See Here

I forgot to take a picture of the fire truck and firemen who searched and cleared our home tonight (everything is fine, folks.....nothing to see here!) but I do have some pictures of the last week that I'd like to share with you.

Shayne, before we smelled smoke.

Harris Anne, the first one to mention smelling smoke. "What's that awful smell?"

Hudson's "I need a new diaper" phase as we almost have this potty training thing finished. A little more diligence on my part and we should be almost done!

Hudson likes to shut me out when he is getting in trouble (i.e. Hudson throws a DVD at his brother as he hears me yelling, "No....don't do that!" The reaction is almost instantaneous as he quickly closes up his ears and throws on a pout-face. And yes, this picture is posed but is a darn good re-enactment!)

This is David on his 2nd day of school (remember...the first day was too rushed for me to get a pic! -- See "Penalty Clock"). He's not upset about going to school, he's just very sensitive to early morning sunlight :)

Million Dollar Drums. A picture I took for David. He wants to be a drummer and I thought a drumming scholarship might be nice!

Donnie & I actually made it to a Bama game TOGETHER without any children! It was a last minute thing and gave me a little guilt feeling because I had to call on friends for babysitting favors at the last minute, but it was SO FUN! ROLL TIDE!

Oops. Someone forgot to take the sprinklers off the timer. The water was sprayed exactly on schedule...10:00 PM.

And finally, a picture I did not take but one I have to post here. The catch of the century...

Tyrone Prothro turns the game around and BAMA WINS!


Manda said...

hahaha! Your kids are so cute! What happened to the house? In the house?

Stacy said...

Aw, just some massive smoke in the backyard that got sucked into the house (slightly) when we opened the door to investigate. Concluded that it was a nearby brush/trash fire that had smoke settle into our yard. The firefighters agreed that it was very heavy in our backyard and did lots of searching to make sure it was nothing on our property. SOMEONE (they said) called 911 but it wasn't me! We never did find out where the fire or the call came from.

A Friend said...

I think it's really mean that Bama people turned the sprinklers on during the game. You can't tell me it was an accident, come on! :)

A Friend said...

PS Cute pics. I like the one of Shayne jammin' a lot.