Tuesday, July 03, 2007

What Is Your Granola Factor?

Charlotte asked the question, "What is a non-crunchy Mom?" I realized that others of you might be wondering the same thing. Maybe this "Granola Factor" quiz will help you understand and decide if you are "crunchy" or "non-crunchy."

I scored 124 :)


:) said...

I tried to click the crunchy link and it routes me right back to here. Bummer, I need to know my crunchy factor! :)

BTW - HI! :) I feel like I've been so scarce lately and haven't "seen" you in ages!

Stacy said...

Hi Lisa :)

Try again!

And uhhh, yeah, it's been FOREVER!!

Anonymous said...

Hey-I'm in the 17% nationwide that nursed their child for at least the first year so I thought I'd be somewhat "crunchy", but according to this website I'm Jell0!! To funny-Charlotte

Jamie said...

I am instant oatmeal.