Monday, July 23, 2007

Re-Visiting The Cows

Some of you have received an email from me requesting your vote in this silly little Chick-Fil-A contest. For those of you who have not yet voted, PLEASE consider doing it now. We're in the top 40 but we'd LOVE to end in the Top Ten!!

The contest runs for a while (sept) but I have no shame in asking you to vote for us with every email address you have and to ask others to vote for us, too! We'd just REALLY LOVE TO WIN SOME FREE CHIKIN!

So won't you please consider going to and searching for "My Brothers and Sisters Are Cow-tagious!" by either finding us in the Top 40 or by doing a search for AL pictures in the "Vote for Photos" section.

You can also click here and go straight to the vote page. I recommend filling in only the required fields, and unchecking the the box for future mailings. Then you'll need to confirm the vote in your email box and that's it!


And until our digital camera gets repaired, there won't be many new pics of us so help us make the most of the pics we already have! (And if we end with the top pic, we can REPLACE our broken camera with the new one included in the Grand Prize!


Stacy said...

THANK YOU to everyone who has voted! At last check tonight, we were #6!!!!!! THAT IS AMAZING!

But anyone who has NOT voted, PLEASE DO! We've got to keep in the top 40 until the end of the contest, which runs through Sept 30!! That's a lonnnnngg time and others could easily sneak up and pass us!

Anonymous said...

Just so you know, you can only vote once with the same email addy.. But if you have more than 1 email addy (i.e. yahoo) even if it is one you rarely use... you can use that email addy to vote.


Stacy said...

Thank you for pointing that out Amber :) For anyone willing to go through that trouble, we REALLY REALLY THANK YOU!!

(Amber, I hope the blahs stay away! LOL)

Anonymous said...

So Far So Good Stacy!
I've been taking the Plus and Ambrotose together.. and then waiting a little bit and taking the Manna Cleanse.
I have seen a difference in the way I feel. My appetite has been supressed and I don't feel hungry alot...But I can def. see a difference! Thanks for your help!


(For those who don't know, Stacy got me hooked on the Manna products about a week ago.. LOVING THEM!)