Monday, July 09, 2007

Welcome To New Visitors!

I had to add this post because I know of a few new people coming to the blog today and I can't let the "Dear Sister" post be the first one they see!!! WE REALLY AREN'T THAT WARPED! LOL

OK, maybe we are a LITTLE warped....but I promise there is a lot more to us and this blog than just that one post! I know we should be embarrassed by the sheer fact that we even WATCH SNL, let alone find things on it FUNNY, but I figured it was safe enough to confess that dirty little secret here.

For the newbies, I hope you'll read "Cast of Characters" and browse around.

Here's a little blog housekeeping : I just found 4 undmoderated comments that have been there for a few days. Sorry! They have been approved now :)

THANK YOU! Hope everyone is having an awesome Monday!

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