Sunday, July 15, 2007

Guess Who's In There!

Yup! I finally got the little bugger wrapped up on my back!!

Of course, I didn't get him there by myself. Henry was KEY to success. I hope to eventually master this carry on my own but until then, I'll just enjoy it when he can help me.

Captain's head bobbed over after falling asleep so I had to tuck his head in but I guess that's evidence that this carry is pretty comfy for the little guy!


:) said...

What kind of sling is that?? I'm looking around at all the options - I defnitely want one this go round.

Stacy said...

That's just six yards of cloth that my friend Angela hemmed! It's a gauzy cotton from Wal-mart! You can buy 'spensive "wraps" but this works great. You just have to learn how to tie them (in MANY different ways.)

If you're serious about doing some thorough research, join the forum at It's just HUGE and I rarely have time to go through it. But if you can spend a little time on research, all of your answers will be there!

Normally, I still just wear my Maya Wrap! I'm soon to get a Maya Tie as well...