Thursday, November 02, 2006

When Do I Quit? ** update at end of post

To update you all on my TPIR pursuits:

I've called TPIR ticket offices two days in a row and have yet to have "Karen" of group sales return my call. "Irie" the girl I have spoken with each time, seems very sympathetic to my situation and says she will have Karen call me.

She also says that since the announcement of Bob's retirement that the phone has been ringing off the hook.

But I was the first one to call their office regarding the hurry to get to the show before he retired/my baby was born. How do I know? Because the ticket office itself had only just heard about the retirement announcement, too and she was bewildered about the fact that I already knew (the internet is a crazy thing!)

I have a few leads/interests on filling my group of 20 and REALLY think I could do it. But I don't have a date or ticket confirmation so I can't move forward with that.

My good buddy Ryan mentioned this might be a good news segment. I had already thought this might be a good enough story for the CBS affiliate to follow and POSSIBLY pull strings for a good human interest story. So I've emailed the correct people about THAT and have heard nothing back.

And I've prayed about this. I've prayed for God to just tell me "no" if I'm not supposed to pursue it. I mean I've got lots of more practical and more needy issues that could be dealt with if I gave up on this silly dream. For example, we're really needing Henry to get a new vehicle, we need a new mattress, and I'd like a new kitchen table/chairs set.

But couldn't I WIN these on The Price Is Right? :)

So I really don't know what to do. I don't think God has answered me with a clear yes or no yet. I've experienced God's "yes" and "no" in other situations and I haven't had a similar response so far.

And I keep having the movie "My Date With Drew" pop into my head. It's all about pursuing that dream...even if it's silly and unrealistic. Sigh.

So I really don't know what is going to happen right now. Henry is wanting the dream for me but knows the hurdles are big. My friends are cheering me on because it's such a cool pursuit. But the wheels aren't moving.

I'll keep you updated.


12:12 PM
My third day of calling the ticket office finally got me through to Karen in group bookings. While I was telling her that I had left messages she said, "I'm sorry to interrupt but if you left a message, I will be returning your call next week. I can't book any groups right now while we confirm tape dates with Bob."

Soooooo, maybe there's still a chance??

How crazy am I?


Jen C said...

"Soooo you're saying there's a chance."---from Dumb and Dumber



Lisa said...

Oh, you're crazy!!! ;) But that's why we love you!