Friday, November 17, 2006


I've been tivo-ing TPIR every day since we decided to make the trek to LA. The kids gather around the tube with me, watching and playing every afternoon after school. I take notes of EVERY prize and its price. I plan on making a master sheet to share with all of the people who will be going with me.

And would you believe that we have a confirmed 18 out of the 20 tickets and that the other two are VERY PROBABLY going to be confirmed tomorrow!? I'm stunned, actually. I mean I KNEW there were other people out there who would love this opportunity as much as me but I didn't know it would be so easy to find them! I must give Kudos to my Mom and her friends, though because it is MOSTLY her gang that is rallying together to make this trip possible. I will admit that it has been difficult to find folks my age to go. I know there are many more responsibilities and lack of moula in the 30-something generation but I had hoped there would be more young folks going.

BUT IT'S OK! The people who ARE confirmed at this point are really cool, fun-loving, spontaneous kind of folks. We are definitely going to have a blast! I'm confident SOMEBODY from our group will be called to "Come On Down!" And if I can get the study sheets out to the group, HOPEFULLY we can come together to make sure that that SOMEBODY will win.....and win BIG!

We'll soon be getting our t-shirts printed. Right now we're going with the very simple (but I think effective) "Bama (heart) Bob" but if anyone has another idea, I'm definitely open to hearing it. I will also be putting "Happy Birthday Bob!" on the back.

I wish I could think of something clever from the (excuse the "b" word) Happy Gilmore scene -- like "I don't want to win a PIECE of TPIR, I want the WHOLE THING!"

(if anyone else is wanting to go on this trip with us, please email me because I am able to get up to 25 tickets but unless I hear from others, I'm only pursuing 20.)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, B****! would be the absolute funniest but I don't think it would get you on TV. And I'm pretty sure you'd lose a lot of cred at church! :) Seriously, you could go with a "I want the whole thing" theme. If you do something with his birthday, I'd put it on the front and Bama hearts Bob on the back... just my humble opinion. You could really fix up a wild birthday shirt with all sorts of stuff but that would be time-consuming, especially x 20. Wish I had the time to help... keep us posted!


J.D. said...

I sooooooo wish I could go. That would rock like crazy. If you get to "come on down" and you overbid, I'm never going to let you live it down. Likewise if you go over a dollar on the big wheel.

Then again, I suppose I should be nice, in the event that you win both showcases and have a lot of stuff that you'd like to give away to the bachelors of the world