Thursday, November 23, 2006

A Surprise

I have been preparing myself for this possibility but I must say that I have actually surprised myself.

Today was 4-D ultrasound day. I was VERY unsure about whether or not I even wanted to have it. You know me....I'm so weird about interventions and there's just a little bit of a privacy issue, too. My baby's privacy that is. Are we REALLY supposed to see our babies before they are born...just for fun, I mean? I'm not arguing the blessing of diagnostic baby-viewing but I've questioned whether or not we should look at our bundle before birth.

And today was the day. I agreed to it. And without my family knowing, I pre-agreed to myself that when they begged me to know the sex of the baby, I would concede.

Until today, I have been telling everyone that I did not want to find out if our baby was a boy or girl.

But today we found out. And I'm really all giggly about it! The baby is SO cute and I actually feel a really cool new bond. I will admit that I am not completely worry-free...I don't want those freaky ultrasound waves to have warped anything in the brain or wherever! we know. And I'm glad we know.

It's a...

Can you tell yet?

OK....look closely (but not TOO closely -- that would be creepy!)

And no, we don't have a name :)


Jen C said...

Cool! Another boy! Congrats!

J.D. said...

I dare anyone to try to tell me that's a fetus and not a human being :)

Congrats on the new bucko you've got brewing :)

michellemitch said...

Yay! Congrats!

Lisa said...

Congratulations!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! Can I talk to you about some pregnancy stuff. You are an expert in my book.


Rachel said...

He's beautiful!!! Hey, I finally posted some of my baby story on my blog- I can't do anything without going all-out so it's taking me forever between crying baby and rambunctious 2 year old! But wait- you have how many kids? I'll stop complaining!

When is the baby due again?