Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Last Week Of November, Already!?

Grr. I was able to load ONE picture but it's stopping me from loading the others. I'll try in another post and see how that works.

I know I must be getting pretty large in size because I am hearing a lot more, "how much longer??" questions. In my mind, it seems like the answer "February" is forever away but...DID Y'ALL KNOW IT'S THE LAST WEEK OF NOVEMBER????

So the answer of "February" and even "the end of February" seems suitable for most people. So far (SO FAR) no one has said, "OH! I thought you were due any day now!"

But I am definitely getting MUCH bigger.

Baby doesn't punch me much any more. Now it's more of an awkward somersault that I feel. Kind of like a kid learning how to turn a flip underwater in a swimming pool. There's lots of flailing but eventually the move is made. Little boy was breech this morning during the first part of Sunday School but after a trip to the restroom and a few minutes of extra, non-bladder-filled space, he had accomplished to return himself to the correct head-down position. Of course, breech doesn't mean ANYTHING at this stage but I will say that I prefer being kicked near the ribs more than the reverse.

Thanksgiving was a good time. The turkey and dressing was YUM YUM YUM! Arthur was set to deep-fry the turkey but his eye situation prevented that from happening. Instead he gave excellent step-by-step directions on how to make the bird dee-lish right out of the conventional oven. Mom's dressing was, once again, my seasonal favorite and her sweet potatoe casserole was much too yummy to be a side dish...it was definitely my dessert!!

Even though we kinda had a crappy football season with the Tide, one good thing came from this fall: all 4 kids learned how and LOVED to play backyard football. It has been a fun recreation for them but has also given them a greater appreciation of seeing games in person and on TV. Hopefully they'll enjoy the Bama games more NEXT year (hopefully we ALL will!)

Mom wanted us to pose for her Christmas card pictures while at her house this weekend so we dressed in the appropriate color coordinations. Mom was pleased with the way her BIG group pic turned out but I wasn't at all satisfied with our half-hearted effort at a family pic. The t-shirts were fine for Mom & Dad's but we'll have to do better for ours. I won't ruin Mom's send-out by posting her picture here but you can see one of the non-approved shots of my small crew.

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