Wednesday, November 08, 2006

In My Pregnant, Hormone-Ravaged, Too-Busy Brain

"Get those bags from Target out of your trunk."

"Think of something deeply spiritual to blog about so people don't think you're thinking about The Price Is Right too much."

"How long is that gerbil going to live?"

"Maybe this baby is a girl after all. He/She is kicking my ribs now so maybe he/she isn't as low as I had originally thought."

"Don't forget to shower earlier than usual tomorrow (i.e. in the moring) because you have a busy day."

"What year did my parents get married????"

"Do we have enough chicken for Friday's supper or will I have to get some more?"

"Why doesn't everyone do email?"

"I am blessed beyond imagination and certainly more than my selfish-self deserves."


Jen C said...

This made me laugh. You ought to hear the different rambling thoughts that go through my mind while I'm washing my hair in the morning.

Stacy said...

Hey Jen, that question about how many years my parents have been married is because yesterday (7th) was their anniversary. And when you commented I remembered, isn't it YOUR birthday, too?!

I'm sorry I didn't remember beforehand.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!