Monday, November 06, 2006

10 To Go!

I'm still looking for 10 more people to use the Price Is Right tickets I have reserved for December 12. I hope to send out some emails about it tonight.

I'm so excited that I was able to find the first 10 in just a couple of days' time! And everyone is SOOOOOOO excited! YAY!


off-topic note:
Watching a gerbil in her last few days of life is very sad. We've been expecting Carmen's death since Friday night but she's still (barely) hanging on. Every night I say that I will be stunned if she survives the night. I've been stunned 3 mornings in a row now.

The breaths are getting much smaller now. She hasn't eaten anything or had anything to drink in days.

The kids are sad but doing so good about it all. They're so sympathetic and realistic about it. Everyone is glad she doesn't appear to be suffering...just dying of old age.

The normal life expectancy of a gerbil is usually 3-4 years and we think Carmen is at least 4 years old.


Lisa said...

:) for the price is right!!!!! Keep us posted!!!

:( for your gerbil. I had a classroom hamster die an untimely death and it was very sad indeed. The vet even sent us a card that said "Even the little ones leave footprints in our hearts" Hugs to your kiddos!!!

Jen C said...

Poor Carmen. Did you name her after the singer?

Stacy said...

Carmen is still hanging in there (Tuesday night)....I'm amazed. Jen, she's named by David who chose to name the 2 gerbils after the lead characters from Spy Kids.

Lord willing, we're definitely going to The Price Is Right! I can't believe it! We purchased tickets and reserved the hotel room! Now to find the last few to fill the reserved seats :)