Thursday, November 02, 2006

Fun With Flashcards

I didn't necessarily buy these flashcards for He-Man but he has loved them more than any of the other children.


Jen C said...

I am SOOOOO impressed. That is amazing!!! Dang!

Anonymous said...

VERY impressive! He must have a good teacher :)

Anonymous said...

That clip makes me laugh for a lot of reasons... his cute little Southern accent, the very "Walker" way he sits that makes me hurt just to look at it, the way both him and Stanford both relate maps/states to football, and the big dog walking around in the back (because I always forget about her!)

By the way, Dad "youtubed" Jeff on Fox and Friends so you'll have to tell us how to get it onto our myspace page or somewhere else that we can easily link it to his family.


michellemitch said...

Hudson: "Nashvilleeee, Tennessee!"

Stacy: "We don't like Tennessee."

Glad to know the crimson still runs strong. :)