Saturday, November 11, 2006

This Morning

The expected occurred.

We found that our little brown gerbil, Carmen, had died sometime during the night. It was one week ago last night that I first noticed her decline. Sweet ol' girl.

Her 'sister' Junie keeps lying in the spot where Carmen was. She never seemed to look for Carmen during the past week when we'd take her out of the cage to check on her. I guess it was kinda like normal that we'd usually take them out to play. But today when we took Carmen out, she sniffed the cage looking for her. It was really sad. She then went to the wheel and took a nap. Sad, huh?

The kids are sad but OK. Rocky is really sensitive and I know this is affecting him. He's a dude of little words but Ray found something he had written on our kitchen whiteboard when he went to bed. Here's a picture.


michellemitch said...

Poor Carmen. Will there be a funeral?

Billy & Suzanne said...

So sorry for Carmen. I know life was good for her!

We enjoyed Friday. Thanks a lot!

Lisa said...

Awwwww. :(

Jen C said...


Stacy said...

Michelle, we had a burial and some "Bye Carmen"s but not a funeral per se.