Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Update To My Dilemma

I know y'all think I'm joking around about this Price Is Right thing but I've honestly been wanting to do this all my life. My Granny and I used to watch TPIR together back when I was a wee little thing and even now I enjoy watching and playing together with MY kids. I've desperately wanted to attend a TPIR taping but after becoming an adult, I've been a pregnant or nursing mom and it's just never been realistic. I've always worried that Bob would retire (or worse) before I could get out to CA to see him. AND NOW MY WORST FEAR IS COMING CLOSER TO REALITY!

So as soon as I posted the previous entry, I contacted TPIR ticket offices. GOOD NEWS! Pregnant woman ARE allowed on the show! Even VERY pregnant women.

SO here's what I'm trying to do.

I'm looking for 20 people who want to go to Burbank, CA in the next few months to be at a TPIR taping. If we have a group of 20 people, we can have a GUARANTEED entry to the program. Anyone with an individual ticket is not guaranteed and might not get in.

SO, CONTACT ME if you want to do this. The group tickets girl is out of the office this afternoon but is going to call me tomorrow. We will see which dates are available for a group of 20 and I'm gonna book this thing!

SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY! Email me (without spaces between my username) at
the glyco family at gmail dot com.

Donations for my flight & hotel are still being accepted :)


Anonymous said...

Sorry... I just heard Jeff tell our dad that we would NOT be making this trip. I'll pass along the info to others via email and see if I can drum up any interest for you. Oh, and we might could throw in a very inconsequential amount of spending money for your trip.

By the way, did you really think pregnant women could NOT be on the show... can you say discrimination? Or more to the point... litigation?


Anonymous said...

You go girl! I'd love to see you on TPIR...especially prego!! Good luck!!


Jen C said...

I think this sounds like a story WSFA or the MA needs to get on and pay for! :) You never know...

Ryan said...

This is a cool news story... Can I pass it along to WSFA?


Lisa said...

My granny and I used to watch it together too!!!!! How cool would it be to be on the show?!?!? Wish I could join you...a girl I worked with was on one summer! I'm rooting for ya, Stacy!!!