Saturday, October 14, 2006

We're At The Beach!

YES! We're on a teeny vacation! It's so nice being away for a little bit. Not only is it nice to just have new & beautiful scenery, we also love this trip because it's one we take with family. We always have a good time together.

Here's a pic from our lunch at the "Smiling Fish Cafe." Yummy grouper and shrimp (which is something I rarely eat and haven't eaten at all since Katrina -- been too scared of the toxins the shrimp have absorbed.)

Anyway, I will post more pictures later (especially the cute ones ON the beach) but I thought I'd go ahead and get this one posted tonight.

Now it's time to hit the sack. Henry and I are the last ones still up and we're so tired! It's weird how 10:33 would cause us to have 'the night is still young' attitude at home but here, after a day of sun, shopping, and STRESSFULL FOOTBALL (yay and grrr...) we are totally pooped!

Burglars beware: We have a house/pet-sitter and a big, growling, muscular, don't-like-strangers dog so just STAY BACK! Seriously! AND we're gonna be home VERY soon! (Too soon actually...but we gotta get back to the real world.)

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Jen C said...

Looks like a great time! Say hello to your family for me.