Wednesday, October 18, 2006

An Experience

Tonight, after a yummy but rushed dinner at C's Deli, Ray and I were on our way to church. We left Henry and the rest of the kiddos behind because we were the only two that needed to be at church early.

During the rush hour traffic, there was a slam-on-brakes congestion at a green-lit portion of the street. I had to push brakes pretty hard myself and even grabbed my purse to keep it from flying into the floor. Thankfully, I had plenty of room to stop and did not hit the stopped truck in front of me.

Unfortunately, I had time to look in the rear view mirror and brace myself as I saw a young girl smack my Honda's backside.


She came flying up to my window, thankfully with a smile on her face. She was quickly telling me there was no damage and wanted to see if I'd be OK with just driving off. I was already on the phone, however, making a call to the police...just like a good policeman's daughter should :)

She then tells me that it's been a bad day at work and that she doesn't have a license or insurance and that she's driving her Dad's car. She then calls her Daddy on her cell phone and I hear her saying, "Yeah, she's gonna call even though there's nothing wrong with her car."


So after calling the police, Henry, and then my Daddy, I finally get out of the vehicle to see the damage myself. THANKFULLY, there wasn't much. A couple of knicks from her license plate (A Bama tag of all things....dangit) and a dent/bumper-fold that was already there made bigger/deeper. Honestly, it was an extremely teeny amount of damage.

I struggled in my head... Have I made a mistake? Should I have just driven off? Am I stupid to make a police officer use his time for this minor accident?

And just as my mind started hoping that our friend Ronnie would be the policeman called to the scene, I look in my driver's side mirror to see a black Explorer U-turning. It was my friend and his family on their way to church! YES! He pulled over and you could see the young girl thinking, "Crap...she's friends with a policeman!" Even though he was in plain clothes, he had his phone and was making calls to the officer who was on his way.

So I get the rundown of info about how I can sign a waiver to keep the accident from being reported (to prevent a mark on the insurance) and I decided that was probably the smartest thing to do. And I thought that MAYBE it would be the nice thing to do for this little girl, too. BUT then I re-heard what she told me before. She didn't have a license or insurance!

Turns out the girl was driving with a suspended Florida license. Grr. She should NOT be on the streets! And what in the world has she done to cause herself to lose a license at such a young age!?

Anyway, I signed the waiver and was free to go. I'm not sure what will happen with her.

Everyone at church was sweet to check on us. The word got around pretty quick because I had to cancel a class I was supposed to teach. There was the ultra-concerned who worried for me and the baby and there were the smile-and-pat-me-on-the-back folks who just felt bad for me having to deal with the nuisance.

I really am so very grateful that everything turned out fine. Things CAN turn bad in the blink of an eye but I know that God protected us. It's only by His grace and mercy that we are so blessed.

We prayed for the girl that hit us tonight. We prayed for her to receive great blessings.

(for those who wonder/worry - I have felt the baby move numerous times since the accident and I'm confident he/she is OK. I have only experienced minor tightness in my neck/back/torso and I believe it is mostly from the tension and stress of the afternoon. I plan on visiting the chiropractor tomorrow to get me and Shayne back in alignment!)


Anonymous said...

Sorry that happened! I had at least two accidents while I was pregnant with Stanford. Other than the obvious brain damage, he turned out okay! :) I'm glad there wasn't much damamge but it's almost worse when it's borderline about whether you should call or drive off. Sounds like it worked out and hopefully you'll get some money out of her dad!


Ryan said...

Hmmm... I would have let the cops handle the girl. You are nicer than me.

I think this can be connected to my "discipline" blog. Obviously the girl's father wanted her to "get away" with breaking the law and obviously he knew she had his car.

Obviously, she was a brat growing up.

Am I assuming too much? I think not.

PS- She was also a Bama fan. If that is not a red flag, then I don't know what is! :)

Jen C said...

Exactly, Ryan! :)

J.D. said...

I'd have let them throw the book at the girl, to say nothing of making her pay for every cent of car repair.

I know there's such a thing as forgiveness, but there's also such a thing as accountability.

No doubt the cops would've thrown her in jail for driving on a suspended license. And rightly so.

She's lucky she hit you.