Thursday, August 10, 2006

WWW things

First - UGH about myspace.

I haven't logged on in months because it often stalled out my computer. So I just stayed off and assumed that if anyone commented or messaged me that I would be notified by email.


So when I logged in today to check out a friend who I heard was on there, I found TONS of messages and comments that had been sitting there IGNORED. Oops.

Very frustrating. And another apology to anyone I accidentally ignored.

Second - the internet is just about the coolest thing though, isn't it? I mean without it, I probably would have never seen THIS PICTURE (yes, I got it to upload! WHOO HOO!)

Roll Tide Elliot!


Lisa said...

I'm such an AI dork and have been all over all the sites lately. I would have loved to have been at that Workplay show to see Elliott along with Taylor and the others. Forget the AI tour - THATS where the real show was! :)

Ryan said...

Are you sure that is not an Arkansas hat? LOL

Just kidding... they are similar, but different. Serifs point down on AR "A's"

By the way... WAR EAGLE!

Stacy said...

Allright, Ryan.....first you come on this blog and say you don't like dogs (i believe your word was "yuck"??) and NOW you have the gall to come on here and put THOSE words??

Do I need to block you?

Just kidding, of course...but are wearing me out having to decide if I should allow or deny your comments!