Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Dang Short People Maternity Shirts

***edit note***

I am sick and tired of the problems I have with posting pictures to my blog. Is anyone else having trouble? I have often resorted to pointing to an "img src=" somewhere else on the web because I couldn't upload my pictures to blogger. Anyway, I end up writing the entry and hope to try editing the post/adding the picture later. Now I am having more trouble than ever.

Any ideas??

So, the post below is obviously missing a picture. Grr.

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This is NOT a picture of me (I don't know if I'll be posting ANY belly pictures but I'm definitely not going to do it yet) but it gives a pretty good image of what I'd like to tell you about.

Remember me grumbling about maternity shirts being too small for me? Because I'm so doggone tall? Well, today was a problem. I wore a cute little pair of capris that have this kind of elastic waistband (you know, the oh-so-sexy kind!). For a top I wore one of those Motherhood Maternity shirts that I said I'd probably only be able to wear for a short while. Well, I realized today that the "short while" might have already come and gone. My doggone shirt just wouldn't cover the elastic in the back. It was fine when I got dressed and rushed out the door but as I moved about and definitely when I sat down, the back would rise up and expose the hideous nature of the stretchy maternity pant. Blech.

I think I might be pulling the shirt a little forward in the front now, too. I'm not really a huge belly yet but I am definitely getting round. I noticed some people at church casting their gaze at my midriff and pondering, "Is she or isn't she??" I know the blossom is about to REALLY burst forth.

I had a doctor's appointment today. It took the OB a painfully long time to find the heartbeat with the doppler (Hey this tool anything like the Doppler you use??) Doc was holding the transmitter part in his left hand and the wand thingy in his right. He prodded and pushed and rolled that thing around but couldn't find the sound we were both longing to hear. He finally put down the boxy part and used his left hand to pull and stretch on my abdomen until, at long last, that "swooshy swooshy" heartbeat was heard. Whew. I really wanted to remain calm but those seconds seemed mighty l o n g. It was a relief to finally hear that washing machine action, for sure.

And I have saved the best news for last. OK, it's not really "good news" like hearing a heartbeat is "good news" but it was something that really made me smile. My weight gain has now totaled ZERO POUNDS! The couple of pounds I had gained over the last couple of months have now been lost and I'm back to a level playing field! I think I probably sweat and walked those pounds away at White Water last week but whatever it is, I am happy about it. I know that the baby is doing good and that if I do right with my diet and nutrients and exercise, I could actually expend some of my FAT to energize the growth of a new baby!

And to anyone who might be concerned...I ASSURE you, I am making very smart decisions about eating and am not in ANY way obsessed with my weight. I promise I am eating PLENTY of food and am most certainly going to be gaining plenty of weight.


Anonymous said...

Hi Stacy. I found you from Ryan's blog and Wendy's Baby Talk Blog. I've read several of your posts and I just have to say that you must be Super Woman! How in the world do you do all you do and do it so well!!! I am a first time mom - my son is 9 months old. We had planned to have several children, but had lots of trouble getting pregnant AND I'm still waiting on my motherly instinct to kick in!! I thought I would be better at it than this, so he may be an only child. Anyhow - I am in awe of you! I would really like to get to know you better - I think I could learn so much from you!!!

Stacy said...

Wow, Anon....that's a mighty sweet comment! I hope you'll pop your head in again and let me know who you are :)

Your thoughts of me are a little inflated, though. Super Woman I am not. BLESSED I am!

Thought that flashed through my head: Have you had your hormone levels or thyroid checked? "Motherly instinct" and fertility issues might both be a sign of an imbalance there. You've probably pursued checking these if you've pursued any kind of fertility issues but I thought I'd throw it out there anyway. Of course, me and my natural self would definitely encourage a NATURAL and non-rx therapy for this but whatever route you choose, I'd bet that balancing an imbalance would help in both of these areas.

Please do visit often....but don't be surprised if your thoughts of me get burst somewhere along the way! Until then, I will smile from the compliments, though! :-D