Monday, August 07, 2006

Not Today

Homeschooling didn't start today. We learned we'd have to postpone when the computer place we're working with told us we wouldn't have our new stuff in time. HOPEFULLY we will have it so that we can start next Monday.

Part of it was a procrastination issue. We waited and waited and then decided that since we'd waited so long that we might as well wait for the tax holiday weekend. Well THAT didn't work out because the only thing tax exempt were products under $750. And you couldn't break down the pieces for separate invoices (i.e. You couldn't get a monitor without getting the rest of the computer with it). So, we missed out on that little special.

It has turned out to be a fine thing. We were able to do some things today that we would not have done if today was a school day. One thing in particular was that we visited a family who is wanting to find a new home for their 4.5 year old female boxer. Yes, as in 'dog.'

I don't know if we'll get her or not but she really is a cool dog. I bonded with her immediately. You see, she's had 3 litters of puppies and....well...her teats make that pretty obvious. I told her I could totally relate.

Anyway, we've really got to think about it and be rational about it. Do I REALLY want a dog right now? Yes I do. But are we ready for the expense and responsibility? I'm not sure. I love the breed and am very drawn to the idea of her being an adult dog (and past all that puppy nonsense.)

Isn't she cute?

I'm open to comments about getting a dog while pregnant and starting to homeschool. Feel free to call me a complete lunatic for even considering it :)


Dennis said...

You've got four kids already, and one on the way. Seriously, what's adopting a sixth going to hurt? If the Bradys can do it, you can do it!

She's beautiful. I say bring her home. :D

Ryan said...


J.D. said...

A new baby AND a new dog? You're rather ambitious, aren't you :)