Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Dream

I woke up in a bad mood. I had a very bad dream. It was ugly and really messed me up.

In a nutshell, Henry was expecting another child with another woman and was due to have this baby BEFORE our baby was due. In the dream, I found out about it, talked to the mother of his child (a friend we have both known for a long time), confronted Henry about it, and then told both of our families at a luncheon that I was leaving him and that he was a scumbag. I basically told them to take care of my other children for a few days while I spent some time alone.

It was terrible.

I had to call Henry, who was already gone when I woke up. I needed to hear from him that things were fine and that he definitely wasn't sleeping around :)

It's amazing how easily a bad dream can put you in a funk. It's also weird how hormones and anxiety (which I was having a little bit last night with some big things I was "in charge" of that I don't want to be "in charge" of...) can be a perfect mix for a nightmare.

I pray for sweet dreams tonight.


Lisa said...

Oh how yucky!!! The mind is a strange thing...

Jen said...

Who was the other chick? :)

Ryan said...

Satan can mess with our dreams too. That jackhole....<<-- That's my non-cussing cussword. I guess it is PG???