Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Yesterday I finally received the completed version of my Christmas gift from Henry. A massage.

As nice as the gift certificate was to look at, it sure FELT better to take it to my guy and redeem it.

Again I must say, "Ahhh."

I had not intentionally waited this long to redeem my certificate but it seems there just hasn't been a good opportunity to take the time for this. Now that I'm getting rounder in the front, I figured I better hurry if I wanted to do this thing. I don't know if I could have laid on my belly if I had waited even another week!

THANK YOU AGAIN, Henry for this awesome gift! You are so sweet to take care of me like this!

If anyone needs a good massage guy, let me know and I'll pass you his name and number!


Jen said...

I think I know who you went to. That guy is amazing. I've gone to him before...

Lisa said...

I heart massages. Mmmmmmm.