Monday, October 17, 2005

Wanna Trade? (Actually, do you wanna give?)

I sure hope my kids don't know how to find my blog online...


I want to talk about one of the things we are doing for Christmas! Our BIG BIG thing is going to Disney World. The kids have fully accepted the idea that we are doing ZERO presents and doing a big Disney trip instead. They are TOTALLY cool with that (I think because we've never been a really BIG gift-giving-focus family anyway.)

But we ARE giving the kids a couple of teeny things for the trip (they just don't know it).

And the thing I'm excited about is getting them started with Disney Pin Trading!

Soooo, if any of you HAPPEN to have a Disney pin you've collected in some way over the years and it doesn't mean a lot to you and you'd like to help some kids get their collections growing, please let me know! It would be SO great!

Interested in shopping for pins? This is where I bought my first ones...

Another neat reference spot is

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Rachel said...

Hey Stacey! Drop me an email and we'll figure out when to meet for lunch.

Getting excited about your trip yet? ;)

Oh and did you know you win pins if you get into the hot seat on Millionaire?