Monday, October 03, 2005

Death Test

I followed a link to a survey site and took the "Death Test" to see when I will die (yeah).

It says I'll die at age 84 in April 2058. It says the probable cause is cancer.

Now I think this is GREAT news because this test doesn't take Mannatech into account :) With all the Advanced Ambrotose and PLUS I am taking, that cancer risk goes waaaaaaaay down. Therefore, my goal of 120 years old looks possible!

It says the average female lifespan is 77.1 years. That's sad.

Let's say if, just IF this thing was right, I would have only lived 38% of my life so far. So if I make it any older than that, I'm basically just a child!

The test is from

It's not the greatest site in the world because it is obviously a hook-up site. But I thought the test looked interesting so I tried it.


Lisa said...

Heh, I took it too - and it said 84, in 2054, probably cancer. At least I have many years before worrying about this, right? :)

Stacy said...

Well, if you don't want to die of cancer at ANY age, I'd encourage you to consider worrying about it now, actually. :) Who wants to die of cancer? How good is the quality of life those last few years???

I'd rather die of 'old age' sometime after the century mark so I'm trying to do my best (although I could certainly do better) with preparing for that now.