Saturday, October 01, 2005

S I C K O !

I don't know if you've noticed or not but I have this cool little gadget down in the bottom right-hand corner of this blog and it tells me where people click FROM when they are coming to my site. I can click on their link and see how they found me.

Well, I found this one tonight that TOTALLY grossed me out. I am learning that if there is ANYTHING even slightly open to perversion, I must code it as I write about it.


I had a link tonight from someone who had SEARCHED for " b /o /y u / n /d / i /e / s " Sorry for it looking like that but it has to be coded or else my blog might pop up again for someone who does a search for it!

I can't believe anyone would!

That's right. Someone did a search for 'b_y u_di_s' and found my blog entry about Hudson and his potty training success. The even stranger thing is that it came up as the 41st result which means the person who was doing the search was really serious about finding links pertaining to it!

To think of that pervert seeing my baby boy's picture makes me cringe!

Y'all we all have to be so careful.

Don't be surprised if I delete this blog and start another in the near future. Y'all know how I am about not having it on hard copy though, so I've got to figure out some way to save it all before I delete it. (Again, I'm open to suggestions for an easy way to do it).


A Friend said...

What is up with the Butterflywomen thing? Weird!

Lisa said...

How do you get all those details about what they searched for? When I click on my referring sites, it just takes me to the site...I'm such a tard when it comes to this stuff...