Saturday, October 29, 2005

Gulp. Here We Go.

Within the next few minutes, I will be sending out an email inviting ALL of the family to a Christmas Eve open house. It will be the first time we've done ANYTHING like this. I hope it all goes well. I also hope that it is not necessarily assumed this will be an annual event. It MIGHT turn out that way but I certainly don't want to claim it without seeing how it goes first.

Basically, this is a somewhat selfish event anyway. We'll be doing the big Disney World thing as our family Christmas gift and I really would like to stay home as much as possible. We need the time here to get the house cleaned for the house-sitter and we need to save miles on the car AND gas money! Plus, there are lots of family members who don't have a CLUE where we live so this will be a good time to show everyone.

It will be a 10-3 kinda thing and a bring-a-dish-to-share kinda thing. Not a meal but a non-stop food buffet for all those hours. You open house!

I really feel a touch of insanity for doing this but I KNOW I can pull it off. I will be making a HUGE to-do list and will TRY to break it down into things I can do day-by-day. The day itself will be WONDERFUL (visiting with family and eating good food is one of my favorite things about Thanksgiving and Christmas) but my house-prep time might make me loopy!

Will let you know!

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