Monday, March 17, 2008

Please De-Lurk - You Know My Thoughts - What Are Yours?

What would it take to get you dear readers to click on this link, read the article, and then comment on it here at the blog?

You guys are notoriously lurky on these juicy topics and I want to figure out a way to get your fingers to do some talking. SURELY these articles I post here stimiulate some sort of thought and emotion, right?


Crystal said...

How do you find all these great articles? You must be one well-read woman. :)

Medicine is first & foremost a business...we don't want to believe it because it interferes with our heroic image of doctors. But the reality is pretty clear in the article. I admire doctors who are able to remain true to patient-care above financial gain, but it seems they are few & far between.
I've been blessed to meet one of them recently...I hope he's able to continue to ride above the quagmire that is western medicine.

Stacy said...

Call the doctor!!!! I've fallen & I can't get up! A comment on one of the articles I posted! Miracles DO happen! LOL

Thanks Crystal for dropping in! As far as me being well-read....well...I wouldn't go THAT far! Certain topics obviously catch my attention but, truth be told, I usually find great articles through my cool friends!

Google alerts help, too!

Congrats on finding a good doc!

Billy & Suzanne said...

Thought provoking....Julianna was recently pretending to doctor Daddy. She asked him if he wanted a shot, his ears checked with the otoscope, or his heart checked with the stethascope (?sp). (Yes, she uses those words.) Billy said he wanted his heart checked and she said, "No, I will give you a shot." When she finished the shot, she pulled out her cash register and told him it was time to pay! Isn't it funny how even a 3 year old links medicine with business?

Martha said...

I have no problem linking medical care with business-- doctors ought to be paid for their services-- but the CORRUPTION of that business with unnecessary tests is a widespread problem.

For a humorous look at this issue (along with a few others), go to YouTube and look up "Outside Hospital." Hilarious. It was made by medical students, satirizing some common practices at community hospitals.