Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Painful Laughter

Did anyone else double over in painful, gut-splitting, throat-sore-ing, tear-rolling laughter Saturday night when watching this clip?

Thank goodness we could pause it during the pain!

ETA: embedded video


Steph said...

Um, sorry, it just didn't do it for me but I DID laugh at the thought of you and ESPECIALLY Henry watching that in your bedroom, trying to keep quiet. I didn't think Dear Sister was funny either until I watched it with your dear husband about to pee in his pants. Then it was hilarious!

Stacy said...

Come on.... The Werewolf didn't crack you up?

I must admit that SNL has ALWAYS (since dating and watching Dana Carvey & Phil Hartman) been funnier with Henry than when watching it by myself. He's got a warped brain, ya know (kinda like Andy's in that skit!!)

Jamie said...

I didn't get it either.

Steph said...

I ended up watching a lot of clips from this weekend's SNL and realized that Tina Fey is good, really good. The Annuale (The Pill commercial) and the Baby Gap/Virginiaca really made me laugh. I miss good SNL but now that I'm A LOT older I can't stay up that late anyway. But you'll never beat vintage SNL in my humble opinion. :)