Thursday, March 27, 2008

Magical Party

It was 5 years ago today that my sweet little He-Man made his first appearance. His birth story is a favorite of mine for many reasons but since Ray has given me a little trouble about being so nostalgic, especially with my montage of slow music and fades, I decided not to go the usual birth-day route. Instead, I put together a little clip from his birthday party.

Normally, I post very little from birthday parties for fear of hurting feelings of anyone who isn't invited. This year, however, my skin is a little thicker and I've come to realize that most other people I know have pretty thick skin, too! Therefore, I'm posting more pics than I've done in the past.

So we decided on a Disney World theme this year. He-Man was allowed to invite friends based on our usual rule of thumb....5 years old = 5 friends on the invitation list. And as I mentioned in another post with more time and money, I could really go all-out with my ideas BUT with limited amounts of both, we end up paring things down just a bit. HOWEVER, I think we pulled off a pretty decent time for all the kiddos!

5:30 - 6:00 - big kids help little kids make magic wands and mouse ear hats for the parade.

6:00 - Disney parade and dancing to Hakuna Matata (you HAVE to watch all the way to the end of the montage so you can see this. It is worth it, I promise!)

6:15 - pizza and "hidden Mickey" cheese!!!

6:30 - gifts!!!

6:45 - decorate own cupcakes (a la Garden Grill -- our fave EPCOT Center restaurant!) and fudgecicles! I couldn't find any Mickeys on a stick so these were 2nd best....

7:15 - "fireworks" (party confetti poppers) and party favors (Diz-themed kites)

All in all, a great evening!

Happy Birthday He-Man! You are one of the most genuinely sweet and loving people I've ever known and with those gorgeous eyes, perfect smile and incredible brains, I'm quite certain God has huge plans for you!



Stefanie said...

What a great party! I love Mickey Mouse.....what cool ideas! Looks like everybody had a great time. :)
Happy Birthday to your little guy!

Steph said...

Already sent you an email but wanted to comment here too... GREAT video!

Crystal said...

So, so cute. Loved the parade. :0)

Jen said...


Susanne Goodin said...

Too cute! The funniest part to me was the little boy in the long sleeve grey t-shirt just stood there while the others were dancing. He was so taken with the others - that was cute to me. It looked like an awesome party! You are so creative! We wish him a Happy Birthday :)