Sunday, March 23, 2008

Jackson - Update & PRAISES

Thanks for praying, y'all! Keep it up!
From Mom Tracie:
I know that good news travels fast and so many of you may have already heard the latest reports about Jackson. We all arrived back in the states on Friday night, and Jackson was admitted to UAB Children's Hospital under the care of a neurologist and his team. After a late night of blood tests and muscle checks, we found out Saturday morning that Jackson's CK Test (the muscle enzyme test that was in the 6,000s the day before we left Vienna) was down to 650, just slightly higher than the normal level of 150.
Saturday morning the doctors evaluated Jackson, and they are convinced that it is not a degenerative muscle disease or a chronic auto-immune disease. They suspect that this is Benign Parainfectious Myocitis, which means that there was some type of infection, probably a virus, that caused Jackson's muscles to become inflamed, and that it is a temporary response which will eventually get better. The doctor said that often this particular illness targets the lower extremities, and in Jackson's case his quads, hamstrings, and psoas (which is a muscle that runs from his low back into his legs). These muscles are all very painful and also tight, so Jackson has pain walking and walks slightly bent over and on his toes.
The doctors don't want to repeat any of the countless viral and blood tests that were run on Jackson in Vienna, but they want to do an MRI to look at his muscles and to see the nature of the inflammation. Apparently, if it is Benign Infectious Myocitis, then the inflammation will look a certain way on the MRI. So rather than waiting in the hospital over the weekend until a pediatric MRI is able to be scheduled, they went ahead and sent us to _____ for a few days until they call with an appointment to come back for the MRI and a meeting with the doctors. If they confirm that this is what is going on, then they will just keep Jackson on Motrin for pain relief and send him to physical therapy until his muscles are better and working properly again. We aren't sure how long this process will take, but please pray that we will all be able to return to Romania together, as Robert will have to return on March xxth.
Already, we are seeing amazing improvements in Jackson's ability to walk and his pain level. We had a wonderful time yesterday returning to our home to see family and friends, and it was such a great distraction for Jackson as he was spoiled with every Easter candy and toy that a little boy could ever want. He even went on an Easter Egg hunt through the yard with the help of our friends. He is like looking at a different child altogether.
We will let you know how the MRI next week goes, but it looks like things are going to be ok, and I wish you could all know how we feel. On the way home from the hospital, Robert and I couldn't help but just pray and sing and thank God for the way that He has cared for us these last few weeks. From the amazing support network of our family, friends, and colleagues, to the kindest people that we met along the way in our travels, to the healing that we are still witnessing right before our eyes- we are overwhelmed. We have had cars loaned to us, money donated, prayer meetings held, and family make sacrifices of travel and time. We have treasured your e-mails, felt your prayers, and in the middle of wondering if our little boy would ever walk again, we felt hope. I am crying just to think of all of the love that has been shown to our family. Here it is early on Easter morning, and we are so acutely aware of the love of Christ, who is both powerful enough to overcome sin and death and also to heal our sweet Jackson.
In Him, Tracie

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Steph said...

That is AWESOME and the experience sounds oddly familiar...

Glad to hear the good news but please keep us posted on the MRI results. Oh yeah, Jackson actually made it onto our adult Sunday School class' prayer list. Small world.