Monday, October 22, 2007

Such A Shame

I saw a house today that had such HUGE potential for being one amazing house (especially for youth group functions we would like to host next year) but it is absolutely totalled from water damage.

The famous "Flintstone" house must have been totally awesome back in its day because the design is incredible. It's a Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired home and it's built of Alabama rock and Phillipine mahogany. Unfortunately, the flat roof and complete non-mainttained strutcture is rotting and growing some scary, puffy mold. Its only hope is to be ripped down to the rocks and re-built. It could easily be a million dollar home but the work would be HUGE. An historical society should pay to have it re-done and should charge for tours.

At least its one more off our 'to-see' list.


Amy said...

what a interesting house! I am praying that your house would sell soon along with mine. My mom's is about to join us. She is buying a house closer to us. It's actually our first home. How cool is that? and weird? Think honeymoon there!

Dre said...

Visiting from The Red Wheelbarrow.

Very cool looking home! It is so sad to see a house destroyed that way. My Husband flips houses and the one he is currently on is amazing. It started so awful but now it is a house I would love to live in IF it was in a better part of town.