Friday, October 12, 2007

Long-Sleeves & Leaves

All of the big kids were dressed and ready for the day when I stumbled quietly out of my parents' guest room this morning. They were all smiling and telling me it was cold outside! They each had on long pants and long-sleeved shirts. He-Man was the most excited and said, "When can we go jump in the leaves at Uma's house?"

Ahhh! THIS is the kind of temp that would make a weather-bottler a millionaire!


The girls had a slow school morning and had to skip the treat of outdoor-playground-day at (gasp) Mickey-D's. I hated they had to be cooped up in the house but also glad that my Mom was home so that I could use this as a learning experience. It's only day 29 of school and they're already trying to get behind in their work. Grr.

The boys really enjoyed playing outside at McD's and I enjoyed chatting with some ladies I knew. We didn't stay long but enjoyed every second of fresh air!

On our way back to the van, I got a call on my cell from Indie. She cracked me up.

"I'm sorry to disturb you, Mom..."

I laughed. Was she buttering me up?

"Can we have a Capri Sun?'

Bless her heart...

After lunch, I took the boys to the for-sale house. We needed to do our fairly-frequent gerbil check (yes, we still have Junie. She's pushing 5 years old!) and I wanted to just see that everything was OK for Sunday's Open House. I didn't allow the boys inside at all so they played on the trampoline with the teaching money they found in a drawer. Play money and breezy days can make for a long clean-up time.

I took Captain out to the baby swing for a little while, too. He thought it was fun but nearly toppled out because of his desperate need to see what his big brothers were doing at all times. He enjoyed the motion but would not be content to face away from the trampoline.

After leaving the FS house, and while the two youngest were sleeping in their carseats, Rocky and I enjoyed driving through a new neighborhood on the outskirts of Butterville. It was one of the neatest neighborhoods I have ever seen...but I was kinda nauseated at it, too. The prices are obscene and I just felt like there was a lot of snobbiness. Of course, it could be some jealousy causing me to feel that way but I think most of my readers would agree that it is a little excessive. Ultra-neato but gagging at the same time.


Captain has 4 teeth now. Teething is no fun.


My brain is tired and mushy. I don't feel like proofing this post. Y'all just have to deal. Sorry.


Stephanie said...

They're welcome over here anytime but they'll have to rake the leaves first!

Stephanie said...

Oh yeah... you'll have to clue me in on Butterville. Is that your hometown, your current town, or a town in another county?