Thursday, October 04, 2007

No More House-Hunting

Hopefully, that is.

We found a house. We're trying not to be emotionally attached. It's a fixer-upper but mostly in the sense of needing MAJOR updating and not repair. It's old and big and we love it!

But we gotta sell our house, first.

We've never done any sort of project like this and I might be an idiot for thinking that it will be fun BUT, that's what I'm thinking. Honestly, if we get it all together like we have in our little heads, it will be the coolest house we've ever known! But it might/will be a long road. Of course, we won't be DIYers like my sis & bil so it should be at least a little less stressful than their experience (and more expensive) but I know it will be hard work. Budgeting and all things money will be stressful just because they are but, MAN I hope all this works out!

The excitement grew when our friend, an interior designer, came over and confirmed that it was indeed a cool house for us and proceeded to toss out AMAZING ideas on how to make the house perfect. I'm totally in love with it and all the HGTV makeover-ness that will go along with it!

So now I have to work hard at emotionaly detaching myself from this inanimate object while still praying passionately for God to please sell our house. Once it does, we plan to move forward. That's why we must also continue praying for God to let us know if we're heading the right direction or not. I'm willing to walk away from this house without a second guess if God doesn't have it in His plans for us (so please let us know, Lord!)


HEWY said...

You should eat the HGTV Dream House giveaway that is in the Florida Keys this year!

:) said...

How exciting!!!! I want to know where it is!!! Email me!

Stephanie said...

Remodeling CAN be fun but obviously it's lots, lots, lots of work but I doubt you're as neurotic as I am about something nor is your husband as neurotic as my husband is about other things. Hopefully you will get a clear answer soon... moving can be such a stressful drag. Keep us posted!

Ray said...

I hope we get that house. If we fixed it up a bit, it would be the coolest in the neighborhood.


Elizabeth F. said...

If this house is from God, your house will sell in no time flat. We had the same situation, a cross-country move, and a very stressful deadline to accept hubby's job. It all worked out..not perfectly, but in the end it was done in God's timing. Good Luck!