Monday, September 10, 2007

Quick Jots

Captain learned how to "gimme five" today and it thrills the kids to no end!

Our "for sale" house now has new BROWN vinyl shutters and I love the way it looks SO MUCH that I'm a teeny bit sad the house won't be ours much longer. We also got the front door refreshed & shiny and it looks so purty!! Next on the to-do pine straw for the front beds!

We need a temporary home for our cat, Sam. He can't live with us at the Gardeners and our previous arrangement for him to be adopted by another family, fell through. We're now thinking we'd like to find a temp home for him while we're showing the house and get him back after we're settled into a new place. Do you think we can get so lucky as to find an arrangement like this?

Indie's homeschool computer went kaput so she and Ray have to share the laptop. SIgh.

Age 4 is the "learn-how-to-lie" stage and it frustrates me!

I'm starting a Zumba class on the 20th. Any locals wanna try it with me? It's at 7:30 pm. Email me if interested.

1 comment:

karen said...

I would love to take the kitty for a spell, I just live to far away. Good luck.