Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kitty Cat Roller Coaster

What an emotional day it has been. Soon after the previously posted video was recorded & put online, I received a phone call from the family who had graciously agreed to keep Sam for us, until we settled into a new home. Turns out our "perfect" situation was actually imperfect. Sam was entirely too dominant in a house with other cats and had to come back to us after two nights away.

So our roller coaster ride was something like this...
Sad after realization that we'd need to find a new home for Sam when we started making plans to move in with parents.
Happy because the family that had helped take care of Sam when we vacationed was willing to take him to live with them.
Sad because Daddy of said family didn't know about this arrangement when it was agreed upon and nixed the plans.
Relieved that we were able to keep Sam at the 'for sale' house while we kept trying to find a new situation for him.
Happy because Henry agreed that finding a temp home for Sam would be OK (which we thought would be easier than finding a permanent home.)
Sad because finding a temp home was VERY difficult.
Happy because a sweet friend agreed to keep Sam temporarily.
And that's where we came back to the 'sad' because it didn't work out.
Then, the kids were "happy" because they were able to play with Sam again when he was returned to us.

Then my big heartache... I realized we needed to find a permanent arrangement for Sam because the poor kitty was struggling with all the craziness of the last month. Bless his heart...he felt abandoned at the 'for sale' house, then traumatized by the new location with the other cats, then traumatized again by being returned to us but in a strange location. You can see in the pictures from today that he was sad.

Then the biggest tear-jerker of the whole thing ocurred. A local animal-rescue friend made arrangements with an animal hospital to have him boarded and put up for adoption (about 10 steps up from humane society.) So poor Sam had to be re-crated and driven again to a strange location. Once at the animal hospital, his cat carrier got attacked by a small terrier. When we tried taking him from his carrier, he totally flipped out. So the rescuer closed him back up and took him away.

I cried.

So if you are local, and know someone interested in a super-awesome 2-year-old cat, please contact me and I'll tell you where he is. He really needs a happy, safe, forever home.

Pics from today...(**WARNING** Very Sappy! Henry can't believe I made a montage!)


Stephanie said...

Sad to see Sam go too, especially in that situation. :(

Rays Of Sunshine said...

I didn't watch the video, too sad:(
You didn't tell me that a dog attacked him and he flipped out of the cage! But now I know and I'm OK.

Indie said...

I really do miss Sam too :( he was good and bad. ;) Maybe we can keep in touch with the person who took him. :'( (thats supposed to be tears on a frowny face :) its side-ways though) ;D.