Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Back In Butterville - Scattered Thoughts

We've moved in with the folks! It's going VERY well and we are sooo grateful.

In case you were wondering, it takes LOTS of boxes even to move just a few things.

There is no way we'd be able to put our house up for sale if the Gardeners weren't willing to let us live here. We started school today and I just can't imagine doing school in the house back up in Bridgeport while trying to get/keep it show-ready.

If you are a pray-er, would you please pray for a quick sell for us? A sign will probably be in our yard by the weekend!

Thoughts are a little scattered right now but I wanted to make a little post so you'd know I was still alive.

OOh....my sis, Uma told me that she started a blog today! She didn't give me the URL (cuz I had to cut her off -- sorry, sis!) but I'm hoping to see it soon. Maybe she'll let me share it! She's hilarious and I know you guys would love reading her.

Captain's crawling (even more today than yesterday!) He's so doggone cute. Can't wait to take some new pictures and show y'all.

Lastly, look at this Harvard article discussing the latest "babies need touch" research.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing but flattered that you posted this on your page. I doubt it will generate many comments though but maybe you'll be luckier than me! Hopefully you edited/tweaked it a bit before posting because I couldn't do it on myspace and honestly ran out of time. I just don't want anyone to brand me a "dumb bammer" ya know? I apologized profusely on my page for any typos. I'm going to be a neurotic blogger (if I ever get around to it!)