Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Higher Than Average Expectations

Our house has been on the market a little over a week and we are trying really hard not to be bummed by the fact that there hasn't even been a nibble!

Are we expecting too much to think that the house should be getting offers by now?

Here's a little history:
Henry & I had our first for-sale house on the market about a week before it sold. It was a really fast process.

Our second for-sale house sold before we had it on the market and we got exactly what we asked.

My parents, the Gardeners, sold my childhood home within a couple of weeks. They sold their second home (just a couple of years ago) before putting it on the market. Not only that, they were able to close on their house and rent it from the buyer for the amount they had been paying for a house payment while they waited for their new house to be built!

Henry's parents, the Trippes, sold their home a few years ago, the day it went on the market. They had two offers with one of them being $1000 over the asking price.

Do you see now why we have high hopes for this house of ours?

We're optimistic that the reason things haven't moved yet is because the pictures of the house only went online yesterday. SURELY that's why no one has bitten yet, right? I mean this IS the age of online house-searching, isn't it?

(btw, our MLS# is 246624 if you know how to do searches. Send us a buyer!)

OH, we'll be having an Open House the weekend after this one. If you're in the area, PLEASE stop by!

On the house-hunt search, we have seen a handful of very interesting prospects. The price range of these potentiels is HUGE. There are some seriously in-the-running houses in the way-below-our-budget range and some that are in the way-above-our-budget range. I like the variety because at first we thought we'd never find anything we liked but now we're much more excited.

But we gotta sell our house first.


I hope to tell you a really great Sam story before the end of the week. I could tell you now but I'm waiting for a couple of details to be clarified before I write it out. Let me just say that it is a GOOD NEWS STORY!

Lastly, I will let you know that Ray has started a blog. I'm not ready to share the link with all of you yet (no offense) but I will probably do so soon.

Time to doze off. The wonderful movie "Stranger Than Fiction" is on (DVR) so I probably won't go to sleep immediately but zzzs aren't too far away.



Anonymous said...

Hey! Have your agent post your listing in the base housing office too. We always go look there when we get to a new assignment and I know a lot of military will be interested in your area.
We've had the same type of history when selling our homes as well, but the market we live in now is super slow. Maybe it will be a couple of years before we have to sell again! The right buyer will be there soon. Charlotte

Amy said...

Oh, Stacy I feel your pain. The housing market is terribly slow right now. I hope yours sells very quickly though. It is starting to get really painful for us with waiting.

Stephanie said...

It's only fair to mention that your sister took almost AN ENTIRE YEAR to sell her house. Goodness, I hope that doesn't happen to y'all because it sucks. On the upside, if you sell it in less than a year then we still hold the record. And I can vouch that the Sam story, if it pans out, will be a good one!

Stacy said...

steph, honestly, I couldn't remember and didn't want to post what I couldn't remember. And I definitely did NOT remember it being a YEAR! REALLY?? Sorry. (what was going on in my life during that time that I don't remember? I know it was right after our first boys were born, right?)

Charlotte, that's a great idea! We'll be seeing the realtor today so I'm going to mention it.

Oh Amy, I KNOW you know the pain. I am praying for you, right along with my friend S when it comes to finding home-buyers. We'll have our prayers answered, so hang in there! (speaking to myself, too!)

Anonymous said...

Come and look at this house - MLS# 241075. We live right next door and are praying for a nice, Christian family with children to move in. We went to school with you at ECS (Davis Johnson). This house has been on the market for a while and I know the owners want to sell it because they have already moved to SC and bought another house. It is nice inside.


PS So glad Sam worked out - we are cat lovers and I was hoping he would find just the situation.

Stacy said...
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Stacy said...

Beth...have you been one of my lurkers!? YAY! You "came out!" LOL THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

We have seen that house and even have it saved in our search but we haven't ventured that side of the interstate yet. It looks awesome! I'm going to mention it to Henry...

I seriously am glad you wrote! Please do it more often :)

Tell Davis we said HELLO!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have been lurking for while now.

Please look at the house. If you were to buy it, it would answer our prayers. We love living in this neighborhood, right in the middle of town.

I will tell Davis I talked to you. I had him look at your site once and he thought it was neat.

Take care and if you look at it, knock on our door and let us know. I think you can really get it at a good price, lots of sq. footage. Praying for your house to sell!