Sunday, September 09, 2007

7 Month Milestone

We haven't quite hit it yet but since I'll be busy doing moving stuff during the week, I thought I'd go ahead and make reference to it.

Here's the development chart at

Captain has definitely done the "mastered" skills. He's crawling quite easily (and fast and not caring if objects are in the way...he just crawls right over them!) He's close to waving bye-bye (waves "hey" and says "hey" when he sees one of the kids or grandparents or Henry) is enjoying his new grasp of object permanence which makes peek-a-boo and hiding things more fun (unless it's the remote or phone or something he doesn't need to have.) My biggest concern is that when he's crawling over things, he is already standing up on his feet and leaning forward on his hands. I'm afraid he's going to start pulling up on stuff soon! ACK! TOO SOON!

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What a handsome young man!!!