Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dinner At Home??

That's right! We had dinner...together as a home...and it was COOKED HERE! OH....AND we ate it at the dinner table! What a concept!

It felt so good! We did some fun summer activity thingies early today and then we CAME HOME! I wonder if Captain was confused about why we didn't head to the ballfields. He's spent more evenings of his life AT the ballfield than he's spent at home! I believe that is probably a true statement and not an exaggeration considering that his birth occurred right at the very start of ball season and once practices got into full swing, we spent 5 out of 7 nights at a practice or a game. And this year, we didn't have the blessings of past years by having an occasional rain-out. Nope, every week was filled with softball and tee-ball. And the two nights we were NOT at the field, we were at church. So it honestly is a nice change of pace to be at home.

The dark part surrounded by the silver lining is that Indie's team did NOT win the District tourney. We were very disappointed by this fact but knew that it would be OK. Indie did a bang-up job playing ball this year and will be a great player again next year when she moves up to the "big girl" league.

I will soon have a ball-season montage posted here but it's not ready yet. Stay tuned :)

Let's see if I can bring y'all up to date on what's been going on. Captain is rolling and pushing himself off of every blanket we set him on. Today we experimented with sitting him up and letting go and he actually DID sit for a couple of seconds before leaning over. It was so cute! His head is still super-bald but has a light fuzz on it so he's trying to grow some hair.

He-Man is cracking us up with his grown-up antics. For example, last night he told everyone, "Let's GO people!" And he amazed us when he brought us some flash cards of "sight words." I bought these cards at the same time we bought the state cards but they never really kept his attention so I put them up. Yesterday he found them and would you believe he knew 3/4 of the words??! I KNEW he was getting close to reading but my goodness!! He's such a smartie! :)

Rocky turned 7 last week. I know, I know! I'm a TERRIBLE Mom! I didn't post a big sweet post to him to honor the special day. Agh. Poor guy has been getting the short end of the stick for the last couple of years when it comes to his birthday. It has landed during All-Stars two years in a row! We did have a teeny little party for him with a couple of friends and family so that was nice and he got a chance to spend the night with Leland and Feff and go to the Water Park. (THANKS UMA & ARTHUR!)

And speaking of that trip to Uma's house, let me tell you about this new addiction the kids have. WEBKINZ! It is truly an obsession and Leland & Feff gave one to Rocky for his birthday. Now all the kids want to do is play with each other ONLINE with this silly game. It's marketing GENIUS! Why didn't I think of it??

OK - I have to stop posting now cuz Henry is ready to watch the season finale of Scrubs online. We totally missed it (AND the season finale of Prison Break!) because of this silly ball stuff. I don't really like watching stuff online but I've been telling him we could so....

Y'all don't forget to pray for rain!

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