Thursday, June 14, 2007

TWlS (This Week In Softball)

That should actually be "This week in between softball."

Because softball has taken up such a huge chunk of time lately, lots of other things have kinda gotten pushed aside. But this week, we've managed to squeeze in a few extra goodies (including a visit from friends!) that have made this a really nice time.

I confess to lumping lots of topics together in one post might but I know that if I don't just get all these topics out of my head and onto the screen, they might "die in committee" and never make it into recorded history. So please bear with me as I cover several things in one post.

First you'll see me wearing Captain in my newest and coolest green wrap sling given to me by my sweet friend A (pictured with her son worn in an identical wrap.) It's an awesome way to sling him at the hot-hot ballfield. It is so lightweight and breatheable and super-duper comfy. It distributes his weight very nicely. There are also lots of options for wearing him with this kind of wrap. I can't wait to try a back carry! A also gave Captain an awesome handmade blankie that he truly does already enjoy. I have a feeling it will be a treasured item. I know that I love it and early indications are that he does, too. (A -- I might need to ask for a twin blankie, just in case this one does become the favorite that I think it will. Any chance you have the fabric to make a back-up blankie? I know you wouldn't sell it but maybe you would barter for it?!)

Now you see Captain in his adorable green Bum Genius and in his green swing on his 4-month birthday! FOUR MONTHS! Unbelievable. Oh how I love this little fella. He is so totally awesome!

Next we'll move from talking about the totally adorable to the totally pitiful. He-man hurt himself at the ballfield Monday night. He was walking on the bottom row of bleachers, slipped, and banged his ribcage with a really gross-sounding 'thud.' He became hysterical with pain (and not the funny "ha-ha" kind of hysterical.) His lips were actually a little bit blue because the wind was knocked out of him. He tried to compose himself when we were looking at him but it was obvious that it REALLY hurt.

Thankfully, He-Man has recently started swallowing capsules so I gave him a 'recovery' supplement to take within a few minutes of his injury. I believe that quick intake time helped him a lot in the long run but for the time we were at the field, he was in a bunch of pain. He would try to calm down but every little movement caused him to cry out.

I got on the cell and called the pediatrician's office. It was Indie's friend's Dad who was on call that evening and I was glad it was him if it wasn't going to be our ped. He said exactly what I thought but I was glad to hear it anyway. Basically, worst case scenario would be a broken rib and if that was the case, there isn't much to do about it anyway. He suggested watching him through the night and if things were still bad in the morning to bring him in. And if he just couldn't settle down to sleep and if breathing seemed to be a problem, take him to the ER.

THANKFULLY, by the time Henry got him into the carseat (which wasn't fun) he started dozing off. He would settle down for a while and then start screaming cries again. We figured it must have been throbbing or bumps in the road hurt him or something. Whatever it was, it was sad.

At home, he just froze on the couch. He knew he was pretty good if he just didn't move. He let me put some "recovery" supplement (open capsule into lotion) on his sore spot and cover it with plastic wrap for the night. I really couldn't believe he didn't fight me on that!

And he fell asleep. He stayed asleep, too except for a few whimpers every few minutes for the first hour. I really think he had waves of throbbing pain for a little while but it eventually subsided.

Tuesday morning he woke up and was extremely nervous about moving. He remembered his agony before stirring but when he finally worked up the nerve to sit up, he realized that he no longer hurt at all! And would you believe there wasn't even a bruise visible on him?! It was amazing! We've had other similar experiences with overnight "home remedy" results for me and Ray but I don't think I've been as thankful for them as I was for this one! With only an "ugh" when Indie picked him up while playing and a "no!" when Rocky tried picking him up, we pretty much forgot there was an injury at all!

Lastly I will tell you that the 4 big kids have been at the neighborhood VBS all week. It's been wonderful in many ways. Not only have the kids been out of the house and away from Webkinz every morning (because they have quickly become obsessed!) but they are also not, ummmmm, (how do I say this??) AT HOME! Oh how rare are the days when the house is as quiet as it is when those big kids aren't here. One day I caught up on emails, phone calls, scheduling appointments, and goofing off on a Mom's forum. Another day I slept late (OK, 2 days I slept late.) Twice this week I got phone calls from a friend and just CHATTED! It was amazing!

Tomorrow I plan on straightening up the office. It needs it in a BAD way.

Next week? Big Rocky turns 7, Indie plays in the All-Star district tourney, and I head to Hotlanta for a Regional meeting (which will be super-fun with my friend and fellow blogger AMY! We'll have a great time at all the M stuff and Ray will be having fun as my babysitter for Captain. It is SO COOL that she's able to be Nanny -- but better! -- on trips like this!)


Jen said...

Poor He-man...I hurt just thinking about it!

Amy said...

Poor Little man! I am so glad that you're a smart momma to treat him quickly. That is some kinda amazing healing. Captain looks so cute too in his cool sling and matching diaper!

Anonymous said...

I hope He-Man is feeling better. If Rocky or He-Man want to go to any preschool activities at church during the summer, let me know.. I'll pick them up on my way...

Zoo trip is Friday I believe.