Sunday, June 03, 2007

Back To Talking About The Family - Funny

Indie got real excited today when I climbed onto the bed beside her for naptime. I had Captain with me and she squealed, "Ohhh, I've never taken a nap with Captain!" Then she started patting his back and kissing on his bald little head. I told her, "You need to be sure you talk with your husband before you have children and make sure he knows you want your babies to sleep in the bed with you."

She asked, "Why?"

"Because y'all need to talk about it and make sure you both want the same things before you start having children."

"But where else would the baby sleep?"

"Honey, a lot of people put their babies in a crib. We did that with you and Ray because we thought we were supposed to."

Looking bewildered, "Why?"

"Baby, that's why you need to talk with your husband before you have children. A lot of people don't believe babies should sleep in the parents' bed."

"That's weird. If they don't sleep with you, you would have to get up every time they cry."

I figured there was no need to tell her about the idea of "cry it out" at this point.

Lord, please prepare a loving husband for my daughters and a loving wife for my sons and let their marriages glorify You in all ways, including a like-mindedness in all things that could cause a struggle between them. Please work in the lives of the sweet children and their parents right now as You move forward with the plans You have for them. Please continue working in me and Henry as we have been given the blessed opportunity to raise these sweet babes. Help us to mold them with Your Hands, God. Prepare a blessed union that will serve and glorify You through another branch in Your Vine. Amen.

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Billy & Suzanne said...

I pray this with you!