Monday, June 04, 2007

Gotta Talk About Ball Season, Too

We're almost done with ball seaon, kinda. Ray's league finished with its regular season this past Saturday. I am thrilled to say that she won her team's Sportsmanship Award! It really is so cool because I KNOW she is one of the best encouragers on that field. As catcher, she took lots of opportunities to walk out to a struggling pitcher and give them sweet nudges and I believe she played an important role in her team coming back from a sad-looking start to the year and ending up in the PLAYOFFS! They won 6 straight games in a row! I'm very proud.

Rocky will be completing his season this week. He has a potential for playing 4 games this week! Isn't that crazy? I don't know who scheduled these things but couldn't they have known we would be tired of t-ball by now? Thankfully, it's been lots of fun but we're ready for it to be over. And this week it is going to be HOT! And it's pretty unlikely we'll be rained out. Darn drought!

Indie made All-Stars again this year so her season won't be over for several more weeks. If her team wins, they'll go even longer. She's really a heckuva ball player and can smash the ball like nobody's business. It's pretty cool!

I can't believe we'll have four kids playing next year! YOWSERS!

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