Saturday, January 21, 2006

My Biggest Hindrances

I have this problem all the time: What to blog?

Even though time restraints are a big factor in why I don't update daily, the biggest hindrance is my inability to focus on one topic. Every day brings numerous possibilities and my little mind can't settle on just one. I don't know if I should stick with my past routine of cute pictures and daily play-by-play or if I should dig deeper and talk about issues with deeper relevance. In my old "Elephants and Kangaroos" days (would link but the site is gone...ugh) I would tackle deeper issues of my thoughts and feelings and would most often close with scripture. These days, I don't know whether or not to share my views of the latest headline news or share the comments heard during the pre-bedtime Uno game. Should I be a resource linking readers to interesting sites I have looked at throughout the day or should I get back to scripture and document some of the serious life issues I am discussing with my daughters?

I started making a list of possible topics yesterday. I have no idea if any of these will ever make it to post:

*Hudson moving from our bed to his bed and weaning.

*Threats of terror and hostage situations.

*Our friend Ronnie D who is sharing ideas about his funeral as he continues to work as a cop in Baghdad.

*Pillar of EHBC and SS teacher who died unexpectedly. If we were still there, she probably would have been the Hudman's teacher. She leaves her husband of 54 years.

*The kids and their TV restriction (guidelines and mercies.)

*Lucy's transition to being an outside dog.

*My motion sickness at the IMAX theater.

*Miss America.

Parts of me wish I had a completely anonymous blog while other parts of me think that I'd never have any consistent readers if only strangers were stumbling across my stuff. I think the only reason I have any readers now is because there are a few who are curious to see my kids and what we've been doing.

Well, I guess I should just continue with this mediocre blog until I'm inspired to do something bigger and better.

Thanks for supporting my mediocrity :)

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A Friend said...

I'd like to hear about the weaning and the bed stuff.

Oh, who died from EHBC????