Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Almost Felt Like A Teacher

I had a first-time experience tonight. Weird one, too.

We were at C, the local deli, when a waitress asked me, "Were you a student teacher for Mrs. J?"

As soon as she said, "student teacher" I knew EXACTLY who she was...well, except for her name, which really frustrated me.

She was one of my favorite students when I was interning in a 3rd grade class. Her Mom was the room mother and they lived a few blocks away from my grandparents. They were one of my favorite families!

We chatted for a few minutes and I told her that I still had the Christmas ornament she gave me and that it still hung on my tree every year.

Even though I thoroughly enjoyed this experience, I'm not sad that I'm likely not to ever experience one like it again. I am SO glad God didn't call me into full-time school teaching! THANK YOU, LORD :) I'll leave that job to gals like Jen, who is awesome at it!

I woulda stunk.


A Friend said...

You never may still become a teacher YET!

Thanks, by the way. :)

Stacy said...

I'm not going to be too adamant because I know that God could most certainly call me to anything He desires, but I will say it's VERY UNLIKELY for me to become a full-time SCHOOl teacher :)

"Homeschool teacher" is a perfect title for me and I feel my teacher-ish dreams of the past were put in place to prepare me for the work I will be doing at home in the coming years. Parts of my college education will be very applicable at home, too so I'm glad I have it under my belt.

Jen, thanks for not red-pencil marking the last paragraph of my blog. Yech. There's that confusing-sounding first sentence with too many 'nots' and there's "gals" and "who is"....just WRONG-O.

I'm not proofing my stuff very much these days and always cringe when I find mistakes. But you can tell I don't care enough to go back and correct them!

A Friend said...

I usually leave my teacher hat at work. I'm exhausted as it is. ;)

Lisa said...

I was a full time teacher for 6 years and part time for 1 year....and I don't see me every going back full time either. Too long to list all the reasons why, but in a nutshell I love learning with children (especially language arts!), I hate bureaucracy and the shift toward "testing is everything" in our country. If I'm ever back in a classroom (which I really can't see anytime soon) it will be in an early childhood setting Like Montessori or like the AUM ECC - where I can focus on kids and not crap like NCLB.

Off. Soapbox. Now.