Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Discipline Needs

And the needs are mine.

I need to be more disciplined at:
Bible Study (with Donnie. We're in our 4th week and it's always me that makes us drag.)
Stepping away from the computer.
Cleaning the house.
The little things.

I think my kids are suffering from my lack of discpline which is leading to:
Too busy lives. Poor David and Hudson have bouts of pure physical exhaustion. They need more rest because their tired bodies create major discipline problems.
Too messy house. The girls' room is the worst. It disgusts me. And we are not home enough to enforce proper cleaning routines. I also have allowed more playtime (outside and at friends' houses) when we should/could have been cleaning. Yes, they NEED playtime but even just cutting it short a few minutes each day would help out around the house SO much. These things will change in January.
Too little quality time. Even my girls are showing some unusual discipline problems. I think everyone in the family is struggling to regain footing after a busy holiday time. We did not have ANY down-time. While Disney World was WONDERFUL, it got us all out of whack and we're still recovering.

New plans are being formulated and implemented. Prayers are being lifted. Things will change.


Willena said...

Your life sounds like mine right now, only my kids are all much bigger and therefore harder to tell what to do. :-\ But honestly, the worst of the bunch is... me.

Stacy said...

They get harder to "tell" as they get older? Great.


The passing of time almost makes me panic. I have so much to correct (from past parenting mistakes) and so much surface that hasn't even been scratched! LORD, please have mercy...