Wednesday, January 11, 2006


So why, oh why have I built a website with them for at least 5 or so years??? BECAUSE THEY ARE FREE AND EASY! I have always put family webpages there and have built numerous little websites for other people. Our Sunday School has a website there.

But I go to look in at my "Walker Annual Christmas Card" website, it is GONE! ARGH! I have this stupid notice about it being gone because I possibly violated a "Terms Of Service." I don't know which TOS it was, though! Is there a TOS saying I can't have too many cute kids or something!? I know I had a link to our photographer's website to give him credit for posting a copyrighted picture but I have personal and written permission from him to do so. And there is NOTHING on my family site that hasn't been there for 5 years or more.

I wonder if I had too many hits over the holidays. For a non-commercial site that is. Hmmm.

Stupid Yahoo!


Again, HATE Yahoo!


A Friend said...

Weren't you trying to sell some Mannatech stuff on your site somewhere? I can't remember for sure, but that may be the reason. Other than that, I have no idea!!!

Stacy said...
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Stacy said...

After a second look, yes I DID have a link to my official Mannatech website (although I sincerely thought I did NOT -- I thought I had only linked my info page, which is the case now). I just didn't understand how that could ALL OF A SUDDEN be an issue for immediate removal. According to their TOS, even linking to the local weather channel or newspaper could ALSO be violations.

I have since removed my direct Mannatech link but have kept my info link and have kept links to Roger C...because he deserves credit for our photographs.

I'm just glad my site is back! :)