Saturday, January 28, 2006

Jumping Over The Hurdles

I just told Donnie, "if I don't post tonight, it will be old news by tomorrow."

So, I'm just jumping over one of the biggest hurdles I have. It's late.

But we had such a great day that I really want to share it here. I also have some cute photos from last weekend that I need to get up here.

Today was just a great day.

First, took my Daddy with me to get a HUGE 3x6 mirror from a Freecycle offer. It's going to be perfect behind Granny's two green chairs. In her (and PaPaul's) home, she had a mirror of similar size directly behind these chairs. It's going to be cool having a similar arrangement in my home.

I also enjoyed the ride to and from the pickup with my Daddy :)

The kids have been quite entertaining lately. Not only is Hudson REALLY REALLY into being Buzz Lightyear and/or Superman (the red cape has been daily attire this week -- even if he's wearing his Buzz shirt. I dread not letting him wear it to church tomorrow) we also have the 3 big kids really into making up and performing plays. Shayne is the writer, director, and star while Harris Anne and David love being the whatever role Shayne writes for them. The play today was called "Knights In The Night." I didn't quite follow the entire plot but it had something to do with helping a poor person quit stinking! That is SO un-PC. I really don't know where they get it from!

The most impressive and hilarious thing about today's performance was the background music. Shayne would exit from a scene so that she could go to the CD player and push play. She selected AWESOME choices that went perfectly with the scene. Mostly it was horse-riding music and H.A. and David would gallop around the room until the music faded out. Donnie and I thought it was pretty smart.

When the curtain fell, we loaded up for a ride to Prattville. We bribed the kids into being on perfect behavior during lunch so that we could take them to a surprise location. They huddled in the parking lot and did their famous, "1, 2, 3...SUPER WALKER KIDS!" cheer before entering Wendy's restaurant for some Value Menu Crispy Chicken Nuggets.

I had talked Donnie into driving over to P for some mini golf and go carts. We hadn't visited EF in years and had a few coupons that were getting close to expiring. We were able to get a really great price and had a wonderful time. The weather was gorgeous and the young'uns thoroughly enjoyed the friendly competition. And of course, go carts are always a blast.

Lastly, we picked up a few groceries on the way home and enjoyed an AFV episode while eating "Survivor Nachos" that Shayne had cooked for us (she did everything but drain the meat -- it's ground turkey, salsa, black beans, mexicorn, chili pepper, cayenne, paprika -- YUM YUM!)

When the kids were in bed, I worked on uploading a few pictures from the camera then played a game of Scene It and Phase 10 with Donnie while eating a bowl of ice cream.

It was the loveliest of days.

Hope yours was good, too!

Shayne watching Miss America contestant, Miss Alabama, last weekend. While Harris Anne says she'd like to be in a pageant some day, Shayne shows us how little she desires that froo froo stuff.

One spoiled-rotten baby brother.


A Friend said...

Sounds like a really fun day. I'd love to get over to EF soon myself...Cute pics by the way.

Rachel said...

Thanks for the link to freecycle! I just joined. I'm sure I've got stuff somebody can use. Really cool site!