Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Walking On Sunshine

We're still hearing the wind whip around the house some this morning but things are good here. It is dramatically cooler today than what we've suffered with in the past few weeks. You can still see the direction of the 'feeder bands' when watching the clouds race across the sky. We actually have a few patches of blue in the breaks of the grey, though (see picture attempt).

Yesterday we had the possibility of tornadoes and I actually had my heart racing at one time. I was making some Mannatech-related phone calls when my Mom beeped in to make sure I was watching the news.

When I found my favorite weatherman, Rich, he showed us a radar of a tornado just a few miles away from us and the cell in which it travelled was heading our direction. I told all the kids to get their blankets and sit in the bathroom. We hooked up the small portable DVD player and they watched "Thomas and the Magic Railroad" while I watched Mr. Thomas on TV (for non-locals...Rich Thomas is our weather guy). As I stood watching that cell on TV, I kept one eye out the window. My heart started pumping harder when I saw this crazy black cloud that hung in a V-shape heading over the pine trees in our direction. I decided to change which Thomas I was watching :)

We prayed for safety and everything was fine. A tornado DID cause some damage a few miles from us and I wouldn't be surprised if the clouds I saw held the tornado that hit them.

Here's a picture during one of the calmer gusty times during the day. Our biggest gusts came overnight when I couldn't take a picture.

All is well here, and for that I am grateful. I am trying to find information on some friends in live in Biloxi and am waiting for Donnie to update me on a relative of his that lives in New Orleans. I hope to hear from several others in the coming days (particularly some of my Mannatech friends from Mobile, MS and New Orleans).

Katrina was bad news for so many. I'm sitting here thankful that we didn't have to worry about power outages here (so that I could post in my blog!) yet there are THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS who are grateful for their LIVES and will be worrying about food and shelter! And then there are those who are grieving the loss of loved ones... We need to pray for them all.

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