Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Life Truly Is Sweet!

Worries turned to joy tonight! My Honda Odyssey went on the blink last night when we were going out to dinner. The darn thing just wouldn't start. I had been noticing for the last couple of days that electrical things were going kinda slow (sliding doors mainly). When the van acted up last night, we were REALLY worried. We could tell the battery was OK becuase we were able to turn on the A/C and windshield wipers and lights, etc. while we tried to start the engine but it just never would turn over. It made a yucky 'click click click' sound.

So we were resolved today that we were going to have it towed to our friend to be checked out. He sent his truck up today to tow 'er in but we couldn't even get the doggone thing in neutral so it couldn't be towed. That turned out to be a great blessing.

When Donnie came home (because he had to help me with all the taxi-ing of the day) he tried the van again and IT STARTED!!!

He drove it in and left it. Being so late in the afternoon, we knew it would surely be sometime tomorrow afternoon before we could get it back...and that was IF we were lucky.

Of course, we've been praying about this car. Our minds have been racing as to how expensive our problem was going to be. We've been worried about how long before we could get it back. We had already made arrangements (and even had in our possession) to drive Mom's vehicle until at least tomorrow afternoon. Things were going to be OK and we were grateful for everything working out but we didn't know how quickly God would answer our prayers.

When I got home in Mom's car tonight, I found a message from our friend J saying that the van was fixed and that he left the key in it at his shop so that we could pick it up TONIGHT!!! He said the 'connectors were dirty' so he cleaned them and things are working fine!!!


Donnie went by my parents' house to pick them up, they helped drive the Honda home, got their Toyota back, and went home again.

And guess what.....we don't owe a dime for the van. Our friend said, "Don't worry about it."

I'm working on a 'thank you' gift.

Life truly is SWEET! God answered our prayers SO fast and gave us the encouragement we really needed.


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