Friday, August 26, 2005

A Gardener I Ain't

Remember that weed? Today was the day it was yanked from the ground. Even its roots are ugly.

I also removed everything else in the little flower bed that thing called home.

It was horrible.

There was ants EVERYwhere....and I mean EVERYWHERE in that flower bed. It was disgusting.

It took me a gazillion trips to get all the tools I needed for this project because my non-gardening mind didn't think of everything I'd need beforehand. My new $0.88 gloves from Wal-Mart got covered in ants early in the game so I did most of the work barehanded. I didn't have a wheelbarrow to load the stuff into so I put it all into an old plastic pool. I then had to drag the pool to the old, white van and loaded it into the back. I took the load to dump around some construction areas.

It was absolutely ZERO fun. I do not understand how someone can enjoy this kind of work.

I then raked the newly naked area and seeded it with some sort of 'coastal' grass that is supposed to be good for really high-sunlit areas. I lightly raked it again and watered it.


Hope it does something worthwhile.

There are 4 more beds like this that need to be removed. I will work on them another day.

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Admin said...

You should try my gardening theory. Cover the area in that weed fabric (or black plastic) and cover it with pine straw. Looks pretty good! If you really want some color sit a big pot of flowers in it! Works for me! Ha!
Rebecca Gill